InnoEX 2024: Asia's Most Anticipated I&T Event


After the overwhelming success of the first edition, InnoEX 2024 will be back with an even stronger international I&T profile, striving for more influential impact to sustainable growth of cities and betterment of our living.


As the premier business platform for next-gen smart solutions, cutting-edge technologies and disruptive innovations, InnoEX is the go-to place for regional and cross-sector collaborations with a special focus on Asia.


InnoEX brings together influential tech experts, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and investors from the region to discuss collaborations, share upcoming trends and exchange insights into future opportunities. Join us to gather first-hand market intelligence and meet your potential partners.


Showcase next-gen smart solutions, cutting-edge technologies and disruptive innovations.


Facilitates regional and cross-sector B2B,G2G, G2B, B2G collaborations, offering vast O2O business opportunities under the EXHIBITION+ model.


Present game-changing projects from innovators and startup founders.


Influential tech experts and thought leaders to discuss upcoming trends and share insights into future opportunities.


Fosters co-investment opportunities for advanced technology and innovations achievements.


A weekful of I&T events at the Business of Innovation & Technology Week in Apr 2024.


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